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Joel Goldberg on Building Championship Communities and Cultures

Joel Goldberg episode cover

Downtown stadiums are special. There’s something inexplicably enjoyable about leaving work and walking to a ballgame. This experience becomes magical when after the game you can simply walk home. As a baseball reporter and analyst, Joel Goldberg (@goldbergkc, TW) has traveled to just about every baseball stadium in the United States. He’s seen more than his fair share of downtown stadiums and hotels and as both a professional and a traveler, he has a unique perspective on what makes these types of properties memorable and enjoyable.

In this conversation, Blake and Joel discuss:

  • How to create a championship culture in communities of all types.
  • What truly makes downtown stadiums successful.
  • What Real Estate Professionals should be looking at when considering investments near stadiums.

A native of suburban Philadelphia and Chicago, Joel has been a member of the Kansas City Royals television broadcast since 2008, serving as the host of every pregame and postgame show on FOX Sports Kansas City.

The University of Wisconsin graduate won a 2001 Mid-America Emmy for sports reporting and has covered multiple championship teams in Major League Baseball and the National Football League.

Joel built a nearly 25-year career developing and maintaining strong relationships with professional athletes, coaches, and team management and he now shares those stories and strategies with companies and associations.

Learn more about Joel on his website Follow him on Twitter, @GoldbergKC, on Instagram, @JoelGoldbergKC, and on LinkedIn, @JoelGoldbergKC.

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