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Logan Nagel on Curating the Tenant Experience

Logan Nagel episode cover

When it comes to tenant attraction and retention it seems like everyone in the Real Estate industry is trying to one-up each other. An “Amenities Arms Race,” some might say. Logan Nagel (@Logan_W_Nagel, TW) has witnessed much of this race first as an analyst and now as Associate Publisher at Nagel believes strongly and has witnessed first hand, the value brought to a building when a tenant’s experience is carefully curated and optimized.

In this conversation, Blake and Logan discuss:

  • Why curating the tenant experience is important and how some buildings are doing so.
  • How the “Amenities Arms Race” is changing the bottom line.
  • The rise of suburban co-working models and the urbanization of the suburbs.

Logan Nagel is a professional in PropTech and media with a focus on investment, development, technology, and sustainability. He is Propmodo’s Associate Publisher and was previously the junior member of Tucson, Arizona’s top 100+ unit apartment sales team with Cushman & Wakefield | PICOR.

Before that, Logan worked with Tandem, a Chicago-based mixed-use apartment developer and also worked with J.P. Morgan as a Multi-Family Investment Analyst focusing on LIHTC investments of up to ~$52 million around the country.

Read Logan’s articles on Propmodo at Connect with him on Twitter, @Logan_W_Nagel and on LinkedIn, @LWNagel.

Specifically, read a few of Logan’s articles discussed in this episode: Don’t Let Smartphones Hijack the Tenant ExperienceMeasuring Building Quality Beyond the Financial ModelYour Building is Talking, Are You Listening?

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Melody Akhtari on Creating Efficient, Secure, and Magical Package Delivery Solutions

Melody Akhtari episode cover

In 2011, Amazon introduced TV & movie streaming as part of its Prime subscription service. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this boosted Prime subscriptions, boosting Amazon sales, and creating a boom in package deliveries. Today, nearly 47% of package deliveries come from Amazon! In multi-family and mixed-use buildings, this created a huge problem. Melody Akhtari (@iMelody, TW), Director of Marketing & Communications at Luxer One (@LuxerOne, TW), says that what started as a front desk courtesy in these properties is now a major headache. Luxer One has the solution.

Luxer One is a technology company specializing in secure delivery and convenient pick up of goods. The company’s smart package lockers and access control technology are used across industries, including residential, retail, commercial, and higher education.

As multifamily’s most trusted name in locker technology, Luxer One has deployed thousands of lockers throughout the USA and Canada to facilitate the delivery of goods for customers. The high-quality locker hardware is designed and manufactured in the United States, and Luxer One’s in-house developers and designers build the system’s software applications. Lockers can be fully customized to unique customer scenarios, from vibrant colors and wraps to customized UX screens.

The Luxer One team started innovating 24/7 automated locker solutions in San Francisco in 2005, with the Luxer One brand launching in 2013. Today, the company is headquartered in Sacramento, CA, with over 150 employees globally. In late 2018, Luxer One joined the ASSA ABLOY family of security and access control brands.

Melody believes deeply in the power of brand promise, led by the drumbeat of a central company credo. She helped to refine and promote Luxer One’s mission statement of “relentlessly improving how the world receives goods.” During her first year with the company, Melody also supported Luxer One’s sister company, Laundry Locker, which was dedicated to convenient dry cleaning for multifamily residents of San Francisco.

In this episode Blake and Melody discuss:

  • How package lockers increase both efficiency and a buildings bottom line.
  • What property owners should be considering when planning for package locker services in their buildings.
  • Ensuring accessibility to package locker services through compliance and customization.

Learn more about Luxer One and their line of products visit You can also follow Luxer One on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Connect with Melody Akhtari on Twitter, @iMelody, and on her LinkedIn page.

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Hello World – What does the future look like to you?

Blake Miller of interviews Ashley Hand of CityFi

Technology is changing the world we live in – FAST. What does the future of living look like in 10 months? How about 10 years?

We’re digging in to explore these questions with experts in everything from smart living technology to urban development and beyond to find out what’s next.

Check out this exclusive preview of the Future of Living featuring Ashley Hand, Co-founder at CityFi

Did you know the average LA driver spent 102 hours stuck in traffic last year? In New York, congestion cost drivers more than $2,982, adding up to $33.7 billion for the city as a whole. Ashley Hand knows how to solve this

Listen now:


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