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Who’s The Next Blockbuster?

Who's The Next Blockbuster episode cover

We like to end each episode with the “Lightning Round”, a series of questions meant to elicit answers off the top of the guests head. The funny thing about this segment is that the questions rarely produce an immediate response. Almost without fail, the first question asked is, “Is there an industry or service that you see becoming obsolete in the next 10 years? In other words, ‘Who is the next Blockbuster?'” At first, we wondered if we should change the questions to make for a more rapid-fire segment. However, after the first few episodes of Future of Living, we realized these questions actually sparked a little more conversation and insight into the guest beyond their area of expertise.

“Who is the next Blockbuster?” quickly started to generate some of our favorite answers and conversations. At the end of season one, we had the idea to create an entire episode featuring answers to just this question.

In this episode, various guests from the past two years talk about the industries, business, and companies they believe are at risk of obsolescence, or at the very least, massive disruption in the next 10 years. From landline phone providers to the auto industry to one very surprising and extremely well thought out and rational answer from Jeff Wood (@theOverheadWire, TW), this episode is a rapid-fire look back.

What’s great about this question is that it actually uncovers our guests’ thoughts about what the future will be like and less about what will cease to exist. Some of these answers are rooted in the guests’ expertise and industry knowledge. Some are simply educated observations, if not also intuitive. We couldn’t think of a better way to close out season 2 of the Future of Living than with this lightning round episode.

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Season 2 Highlights from the Future of Living

Season 2 Highlights episode cover

This past season of Future of Living featured 20 fantastic guests. We covered a lot of ground, too. The future of construction, retail food technology, downtown stadiums, affordable housing, affordable transportation, and so much more. This episode features five standout segments from the past season.

In this episode:

  • Elizabeth Glynn of Travois talks about the economic development work they are doing in American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities. Specifically, how their focus is helping mini-cities flourish in these communities and the surprising challenges for technological advancement.
  • Jon Dishotsky of Starcity talks about the rise of co-living as a means of affordable housing in cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York and the surprising makeup of residents in these communities.
  • Sarah McMillian from Temboo talks about how IoT technology and Temboo are helping to preserve buildings and retrofit them so owners can better monitor their services.
  • Gabe Halimi of Flo Technologies talks about how water sensor technology can stop catastrophic home damage before it happens, but also conserve trillions of gallons of water in cities.
  • Calandra Cruikshank from Statebook talks about the rise of Opportunity Zones and what they mean for Real Estate Investors and Developers. Additionally, she explains how Statebooks technology streamlines selecting Opportunity Zones to invest in.

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