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Who’s The Next Blockbuster?

Who's The Next Blockbuster episode cover

We like to end each episode with the “Lightning Round”, a series of questions meant to elicit answers off the top of the guests head. The funny thing about this segment is that the questions rarely produce an immediate response. Almost without fail, the first question asked is, “Is there an industry or service that you see becoming obsolete in the next 10 years? In other words, ‘Who is the next Blockbuster?'” At first, we wondered if we should change the questions to make for a more rapid-fire segment. However, after the first few episodes of Future of Living, we realized these questions actually sparked a little more conversation and insight into the guest beyond their area of expertise.

“Who is the next Blockbuster?” quickly started to generate some of our favorite answers and conversations. At the end of season one, we had the idea to create an entire episode featuring answers to just this question.

In this episode, various guests from the past two years talk about the industries, business, and companies they believe are at risk of obsolescence, or at the very least, massive disruption in the next 10 years. From landline phone providers to the auto industry to one very surprising and extremely well thought out and rational answer from Jeff Wood (@theOverheadWire, TW), this episode is a rapid-fire look back.

What’s great about this question is that it actually uncovers our guests’ thoughts about what the future will be like and less about what will cease to exist. Some of these answers are rooted in the guests’ expertise and industry knowledge. Some are simply educated observations, if not also intuitive. We couldn’t think of a better way to close out season 2 of the Future of Living than with this lightning round episode.

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Dr. Damon Heybrock on Reclaiming Healthcare

Dr. Daymon Heybrock episode cover

When was the last time your doctor met you at a coffee shop to diagnose an ailment? For that matter when was the last time you called your doctor’s office and got an appointment within the hour, then actually saw your doctor within the hour? Can your doctor pull off a legit horizontal bar routine and stick the landing? Probably not and Dr. Damon Heybrock (@healthstudiokc, IG) probably isn’t your doctor.

Dr. Heybrock is a pioneer in a type of practice gaining popularity in America; Direct Primary Care. This model of healthcare is subscription based and patients have unbelievable access to their physicians at all hours of the day, are on a first name basis with their physician, and getting in touch is often as easy a text message.

In this conversation, Blake and Dr. Heybrock discuss:

  • What subscription medicine means for the future of healthcare.
  • The role of wearable tech in healthcare present and future.
  • What Real Estate Developers need to know to attract and retain Direct Primary Care practices.

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Hello World – What does the future look like to you?

Blake Miller of interviews Ashley Hand of CityFi

Technology is changing the world we live in – FAST. What does the future of living look like in 10 months? How about 10 years?

We’re digging in to explore these questions with experts in everything from smart living technology to urban development and beyond to find out what’s next.

Check out this exclusive preview of the Future of Living featuring Ashley Hand, Co-founder at CityFi

Did you know the average LA driver spent 102 hours stuck in traffic last year? In New York, congestion cost drivers more than $2,982, adding up to $33.7 billion for the city as a whole. Ashley Hand knows how to solve this

Listen now:


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