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Gabe Halimi on Stopping Catastrophe Before it Starts

Gabe Halimi episode cover

Did you know that your home is twice as likely to suffer water damage than fire or theft combined? Gabe Halimi (@gabehalimi, TW) is well aware of this and learned the hard way. After suffering catastrophic water damage, Gabe’s Dad felt he could devise a solution to stop home water damage before it started. Thus Flo was created.

Halimi is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Technologies, the creators of a breakthrough plumbing technology that detects and stops leaks before they turn into much bigger problems. Prior to his own experience, Gabe Halimi was very familiar with plumbing failures. As a claims manager, he touched millions of dollars in product liability claims for allegedly failed plumbing products. This was a crucial career step that helped give way to Flo.

In this conversation, Blake and Gabe discuss:

  • How technology like Flo is affecting water conservation at a municipal level.
  • Ways for Multifamily and Multi-purpose real estate to leverage preventative technology like Flo.
  • Why the Internet of Things might resurrect skilled labor trades.

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