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Ryan Coon on Democratizing Property Management and Tenant Experience Technology

Ryan Coon episode cover

In the United States, there are approximately 45 million residential rental units. More than half, about 53%, or 24 million of those rental units are managed by individuals, not institutional property groups. Yet, most of the technology for managing rental properties are built for big, enterprise real estate organizations. Ryan Coon (@ryanmcoon, TW) calls those 24 million property owners “DIY Landlords,” and he believes in them. A DIY landlord himself, Ryan is co-founder and CEO of Avail, a rental property management app created to provide DIY landlords the experience they deserve.

In this conversation, Blake and Ryan discuss:

  • Tactics and technology landlords of all sizes can employ for improving the tenant experience, and the likelihood of retaining tenants.
  • How smart technology can not only improve the tenant experience but also improve the landlord experience and bottom line.
  • Maximizing technology ROI with prompt payments and better tenant screening.

At Avail, Ryan focuses on company strategy, hiring, and developing new partnerships. Prior to co-founding Avail in 2012, Ryan was an Investment Banking Associate at BMO Capital Markets performing M&A and equity capital markets transactions for financial services firms. Ryan left BMO in February 2011 to travel the world and pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. He earned Bachelors of Science degrees in Accounting and Finance from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Find Ryan on Twitter, @RyanMCoon, and LinkedIn, @RyanCoon.

Check out Avail at You can also find them on all the major social networks as @HelloAvail.

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