Jason Kander on Reimagining Government As Customer Service

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Most people lament that government doesn’t truly work for the people. Jason Kander (@jasonkander, TW) thinks about this a lot and he believes he’s got a good solution. The government needs to reimagine itself as Customer Service. This might include simple solutions like a voting holiday, streamlining practices so that people don’t wait on hold for hours or wait months for services, or simply installing sidewalks where they don’t exist.

Jason Kander gained national attention in 2016 while running for the US Senate in Missouri with a commercial featuring him assembling a rifle while blindfolded. While he didn’t win, his platform and character earned him the endorsement of President Barack Obama as the future of the Democratic Party.

Since then Kander has gone on to form Let America Vote to end voter suppression, started the podcast Majority 54 on Crooked Media and earlier this year published Outside The Wire.

In this conversation, Jason and Blake discuss:

  • Common sense high and low tech solutions to end voter suppression
  • Why “Entrepreneur” shouldn’t be synonymous with “Tech”
  • How skilled workers are building a future in the age of automation

Find Jason on Twitter at https://twitter.com/jasonkander, online at https://jasonkander.com and find Outside the Wire at https://jasonkanderbook.com.

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