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Chris Baggott on Leveraging Data, Delivering Exceptional Food

Chris Baggott episode cover

It should come as no surprise that someone obsessed with data, analytics, and food would figure out how to put them all together and create something truly extraordinary. After achieving tremendous success with Exact Target – acquired by Salesforce – and Compendium Software – acquired by Oracle – Chris Baggott (@chrisbaggott, TW) started Tyner Pond Farm and that’s when a new idea was born. What if someone could create amazing, fresh food from scratch and deliver it to customers in minutes without a storefront?

That’s how ClusterTruck came about, a freshly prepared food delivery service currently operating in Indianapolis, IN, Columbus, OH, Kansas City, MO, and Denver, CO. Unlike their competitors that deliver food from any restaurant, ClusterTruck is a collection of restaurant concepts and every meal is created from scratch and delivered hot and fresh. A true end-to-end experience.

In this conversation, Blake and Chris discuss:

  • How Real Estate Professionals should be preparing and accommodating services like ClusterTruck.
  • Why services like delivery must be part of the business plan, not an add-on service.
  • How data can be leveraged to create an exceptional meal and overall experience.

Find Chris on Twitter, @chrisbaggott, and on his LinkedIn page. Also, check out the TEDx talk Blake references in this conversation, The Simplest Way to Feed the World, given by Chris at TEDx Indianapolis.

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Andrew Dickson on Building Turnkey, Autonomous Homes

Andrew Dickson episode cover

Andrew Dickson (@bennettdickson) believes the way homes are built is fundamentally flawed. The idea that we’re still constructing homes from the ground up, board by board, home by home is, in his opinion, inefficient and old-fashioned. He sees a future of turnkey autonomous homes built using pre-fabricated segments, extremely automated, and able to go seamlessly move on and off the electrical grid.

Dickson is the CEO & Founder of Acre Designs, a home construction startup re-imagining the American Home. In this conversation, he and Blake discuss:

  • Why home construction must be changed.
  • How Acre’s approach to single-family construction also benefits multi-family construction.
  • How to create energy independent homes and neighborhoods.

Learn more about Andrew and Acre at or on Andrew’s LinkedIn page. You can also find Andrew on Twitter, @bennettdickson.

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