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We’ve all been in a co-living situation when you stop to think about it. Whether it be living with family, friends, or classmates. Co-living, as a concept, isn’t new. However, co-living apartments-as-a-service and affordable solution to city living is on the rise. WeWork has entered the space with WeLive. Startups are also entering the space, like Ollie and Starcity. Jon Dishotsky (@jondishotsky, TW) is the CEO and Co-Founder of Starcity and is on a mission to make cities more accessible to everyone.

Starcity is a startup building a new category of real estate called co-living. Designed to help make cities accessible to anyone, Starcity offers its residents a comfortable living experience with a private, fully furnished bedroom complemented by warm, inviting shared kitchens and living spaces. Prior to co-founding Starcity in 2016, Jon spent more than ten years in commercial real estate, helping companies expand their headcount globally. Jon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Managerial Economics from UC Davis and is based in San Francisco, CA.

Starcity makes living arrangements delightful and sustainable so that people can stay in cities long-term. They do this by redefining the meaning of home. Innovative interior-design that increases livable space and smart technology that reduces waste is at the core of their product. Starcity is building communities in a way that reflects the diverse, eclectic nature of each city.

In this conversation, Blake and Jon discuss:

  • Why the real estate market is ripe for co-living developments.
  • How co-living property ROI differs from traditional real estate assets.
  • The technology used to manage co-living properties and how it differs from traditional property management software.

Learn more about Starcity on their website, Follow them on Twitter, @starcity and on Instagram, @joinstarcity. You can find Jon on Twitter, @jondishotsky, and on LinkedIn.

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