Dr. Brian Matthys – Using Wearable Tech to Prevent Skin Cancer

By April 11, 2019Season 2
Dr. Brian Matthys - Using Wearable Tech to Prevent Skin Cancer

It might not seem connected, but nearly drowning as a child lead Dr. Brian Matthys into Dermatology. Nearly drowning convinced him he needed to become a stronger swimmer. So he committed himself to that endeavor and spent an exceptional amount of time under the sun and in the water at the pool practicing, and lifeguarding. It was during this time he witnessed first hand the harmful effects of sun damage on un- or poorly protected skin. 

A self-described “fixer,” today Dr. Matthys is on a mission to help people protect their skin. Part of that mission gave birth to Eclipse Rx™, a patent pending, solar-powered, wearable device that tracks sun exposure and uses technology to change behaviors to help people protect their skin.

This technology is opening up a world of opportunity for physicians and remotely monitored healthcare. In this conversation, Blake and Dr. Matthys discuss:

  • How Real Estate developers can increase the longevity of properties by protecting against sun damage.
  • Steps property owners and community planners can take to assist in improving residents sun health.
  • What remotely monitored healthcare actually means for the future of physicians.

Learn more about Eclipse Rx™ at https://eclipsrx.com and give them a follow on Instagram, @eclipse.rx, on Twitter, @LUVLifeOutdoors and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/exclipserx. Connect with Dr. Matthys on his LinkedIn page.

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