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Matt Wilson (@mattwilsontv, IG) takes working remotely to the next level. Wilson works nomadically. Most recently, he set up shop in a Costa Rican jungle, surrounded by monkeys, a laptop and a 100mb Internet connection. Wilson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Under30Experiences, a travel company focused on people aged 21 to 35. You might think, “Ah, no wonder! Working nomadically is his job,” and you’d only be partly right.

When you listen to Matt speak, either on Future of Living or his own podcast, Live Different, you quickly realize Wilson would be living his life this way whether it was his job or not. In 2012, Wilson took his first trip abroad and while standing on a glacier in Iceland he knew he needed to see the world and connect with others that had come to the same realization. Thus Under30Experiences was born.

In this conversation, Blake and Matt discuss:

  • How to create a business flexible enough to accommodate remote and nomadic workers.
  • The changes families are making in order to live nomadically.
  • What property owners, investors, and managers can do to accommodate nomadic residents.

Look up Matt Wilson on Instagram, @mattwilsontv, to see some of his latest travels and what he’s up to with Under30Experiences. Also, find Under30Experiences online at

Find The Future of Living Podcast online at Or on Twitter and Instagram: @FutureLivingPod.

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