Scott Harkins – Connecting the Whole Home, Inside and Out

By December 6, 2018Season 1

Scott Harkins (@scharks5, TW) is one of those people you just expect to have all the really cool gadgets you could imagine and the capability to make them all work together. This comes in handy in his role as VP & GM of Resideo Connected Home where he oversees the future of Resideo products and their interoperability within the home. Resideo spun out of Honeywell and recently went public (NYSE: REZI).

One thing that sets Resideo apart from its competitors, like Nest or Ring, is its ability to not only compete on the wall but also in the wall. This is a huge advantage when setting out to connect an entire home through the Internet of Things. It’s one thing to control your HVAC remotely, it’s another thing when your HVAC  communicates with your automatic blinds in order to work together to conserve energy. This is where Resideo lives and in the middle of it all is Scott Harkins.

In this conversation, Blake and Scott discuss:

  • What Real Estate Developers can do to ensure new buildings are ready for the future.
  • Monetizing IoT devices and services beyond the initial consumer transaction.
  • The role of the connected car in the connected home.

Find Scott on Twitter, @scharks5 and on LinkedIn. Also, check out what Resideo is up to on their website,

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