Katy Lynch – Transforming Ordinary Spaces Into Forever Learning Environments

By November 8, 2018Season 1

Katy Lynch (@thekatylynch) dreams of teaching 1 billion kids to code. Yeah, 1 BILLION! Big dreams call for big plans and as the Co-Founder and CMO of Codeverse, she might just get it done. Codeverse is the world’s first fully interactive coding school and educational technology platform for kids. They created a programming language specifically for kids! Additionally, Codeverse is transforming ordinary spaces into irresistible centers of learning for kids.

Before co-founding Codeverse, Lynch was the CEO of Techweek; America’s largest traveling technology festival. Prior to Techweek, Katy started and later sold SocialKaty, Inc., the largest social media marketing agency in Chicago. To say that Katy has biz chops is an understatement. It’s almost unfair her level of talent and acumen.

In this conversation, Blake and Katy discuss:

  • Why it’s imperative that children learn to code.
  • The merits and untapped potential value of Project Based Learning.
  • What investors and developers should be thinking about when accommodating families.

Find Katy Lynch on Twitter and Instagram: @thekatylynch. Check out the amazing work being done through Codeverse at https://www.codeverse.com.

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