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In high school, two of Vignesh “Viggy” Ganapathy’s (@vigneshr4m, TW) friends were incarcerated and thus begun Viggy’s quest for social justice.  It’s a quest that’s taken him through law school at UC Santa Cruz, into politics, into community organization and now technology as the Sr. Government Relations Lead at Postmates. It’s a role that fits his personal mission to positively impact neighborhoods through community engagement and innovative technology solutions to combat complex, pervasive issues.

At Postmates, Viggy oversees the company’s legislative and regulatory program, focused on the future of work, privacy, robotics, innovation, and how tech intersects with our communities. This focus has lead to innovative initiatives at Postmates like registering delivery recipients to vote… along with a burrito.

In this conversation, Viggy and Blake cover a lot of ground including:

  • The dangers of isolation posed by services such as Postmates and what they’re doing to combat that effect.
  • Building social good and justice initiatives into experiences that consumers already love and regularly use.
  • How property owners and developers can better equip their communities to leverage services like Postmates.

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