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Austen Allred (@austenallred) believes higher education has it all backward. Students shouldn’t be investing in the school, the school should be investing in the students. With that core belief, he co-founded Lambda School to pioneer a new model for higher education and find untapped or underutilized talent and train them for the most in-demand jobs in the world: computer science. Lambda School strives to make entry into the computer science fields more accessible than ever.

Allred is a prolific author, speaker, and YCombinator S17 alum. Prior to co-founding Lambda School he oversaw growth at LendUp, co-founded Grasswire, and lead social at Fit Marketing (now STRYDE).

In this conversation, Austen and Blake dive into 

  • How Lambda School actually works.
  • What this model might mean for traditional higher education institutions
  • What real estate developers and city planners need to be thinking about when considering how to accommodate students and graduates of institutions like Lambda School.

Check out Lambda School at and find Austen on Twitter at @AustenAllred.

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