Daniel Herscovici – Integrating the Smart Home Experience

By September 13, 2018Season 1
Daniel Herscovici on The Future of Living Podcast with Blake Miller

When it comes to the Internet of Things, Daniel Herscovici (@DanHerscovici) believes consumers want integrated experiences rather than individual devices. It’s nice to have a Nest Thermostat or a Phillips Hue lightbulb or a smart security system, but if consumers have to manage each individually then they are no better than their analog forefathers. This isn’t a surprise from someone whose personal mission statement starts with Balancing vision and force of will with the ability to partner is what separates the good from the great. Herscovici is recognized as a leader in the Smart Home, IoT, and digital transformation.

Over the past 20 years, he served in leadership roles at Fortune 50 companies like Comcast and Motorola and spent much of his career focused on creating new businesses within large enterprises. An entrepreneur at heart, he founded and led several new to market business lines focused on consumer tech and tech services. He has a passion for consumer-centric design and is always looking for innovative ways to address unmet, unarticulated market needs.

In this episode, Daniel and Blake discuss Herscovici’s Five Pillars of the Smart Home Experience, the future of ISP product offerings and his thoughts on the biggest opportunities presenting themselves to large corporations in today’s digital landscape.

Learn more about Daniel and his current role with Edison Partners at https://www.edisonpartners.com.

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  • Chad Jacobs says:

    Just listened to the Smart Home Experience episode. I really liked this. I think that the home is often overlooked in favor of things like transportation, AI, etc but the fact remains that the way we exist is fundamentally changing, and the home will always be the epicenter from where we plot our lives.

  • Bob Miller says:

    I always enjoy the ‘break down’ of the thoughts and Ideas. Makes listening even more enjoyable. Good thoughts on tuneable lighting as we learn more about LED and their capabilities to create atmospheres and scenes to help us not just Light us.

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