Joe Colistra on Community, Senior Living, and Sustainability

By August 23, 2018Season 1

Joe Colistra believes in the power of community and that if we could share more meaningful data, instead of trying to steal it, we might see advancements beyond our wildest imaginations.

Colistra is Associate Professor of Architecture, Design, and Planning at the University of Kansas. In addition to his work with KU, he is the founder of In Situ Design, an international architecture and urban design firm. In Situ has won multiple awards and been published even more. The firm is obsessed with finding ways to use architecture as an instrument for transforming communities.

Joe is uniquely interested in merging new technology into senior living communities. An area often ignored. This conversation covers a lot of ground, from floors equipped with accelerometers, to the potential of population health data.

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  • […] Joe Colistra, an Associate Professor at the University of Kansas, studies how medical IoT devices can help healthcare professionals remotely monitor the health and well-being of seniors. Low-cost accelerometers, installed throughout the home, can capture each heel strike through vibrations in the floor. A resident’s heel strike pattern is then analyzed for health markers in a process known as gait analysis. Gait analysis can tell caregivers if a resident is at risk of falling, or if they’re showing early symptoms of serious illnesses like diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or dementia. […]

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